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Fife Csp-01 Manuall __LINK__

19 CONTROL PANEL DESCRIPTION CONTROL PANEL DESCRIPTION IMPORTANT Customer-specific configurations of the CDP-01, together with further technical data, are described in a separate section in the supplementary documentation. They have priority over the information given in this general description. Operating Modes Automatic Web position errors are automatically corrected. The LED bar graph indicatesthewebpositioninthesensor. Servo Center The guide moves the control rollers to the center position, i.e. the control rollers are parallel to the production line rollers. The sensor positioning device moves the sensors to their retract position. Manual Actuator is manually controlled using the +/- key. Function Keys F1;F2;F3 Customer-specific special functions. Otherwise these keys are used for special settings. ASC The lockout or deadband function is switched ON and OFF with the ASC key. With the ASC selected and in the LOCKOUT option of operation, the guide will operate normally as long as the web is in the defined field of view of the sensor. If the sensor looses the web for any reason, i.e. web tear out or end of roll, then the system goes into lock. When the web is re-established in the field-of-view of the sensor, then thesystemreturnstoautomatic CDP

Fife Csp-01 Manuall

21 CONTROL PANEL DESCRIPTION Sensor guide point Manual adjustment of the sensor guide point. System gain Manual adjustment of the guide sensitivity of the guide or actuator. Polarity Manual adjustment of the guide direction of the guide or actuator. Special Keys +/- key To move the guide or actuator manually. To adjust system parameters. Actuator selector key Selection of an actuator and the components assigned to the actuator. If the application permits, up to three actuators can be selected. IMPORTANT Before changing the settings on the CDP-01 (shifting sensor guide point, adjusting system gain etc.) first select the relevant actuator using key CDP

49 CONTROL PANEL CONFIGURATION Total formation for sensor positioning. Difference formation for center guiding. Continue with step e to switch more sensor modes or the Servo Center function ON/OFF, if required. g. Save setting, OR Cancel setting. Setting is not saved. Switching Manual Actuator Motion On/Off The +/- key allows the actuators to be manually moved in Automatic, Servo Center and Manual modes. This function can be enabled and disabled individually for each mode. A side-effect is that all sensor guide points of the selected actuator are set to center. The sensor guide point can be re-adjusted subsequently. a. Set Manual mode. b. Select actuator. If LED (3) is no longer lit, repeat step a. c. Press Setup key. d. Press +/- keys simultaneously. Check: LED (13) flashes. e. Press Setup key. Check: LEDs (1, 2, 3, 13) flash. f. The +/- key function is switched ON/OFF by pressing an F key. The LED in the F key indicates the active state, with the following assignment: F1 for Automatic mode. F2 for Servo Center mode. F3 for Manual mode CDP-01 / Firmware Version 2.x 1-729

The +/- key allows the actuators to be manually moved inAutomatic,Servo Center and Manual modes. This function can beenabled and dis-abled individually for each mode. A side-effect isthat all sensor guidepoints of the selected actuator are set tocenter. The sensor guidepoint can be re-adjusted subsequently.

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